Effects of estuarine acidification on bivalve settlement

Lauren Mullineaux, Dan McCorkle and Bill Martin (WHOI)

Funding Source(s): WHOI Coastal Ocean Institute

Examining decapod community composition and species interactions in salt marshes across New England


Harriet Booth, Patrick Barrett, Meredith Burke, Dr. David Kimbro

Northeastern University

Funding Source(s):                 Northeastern University

Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Food Location Behavior of the Marine Snail P. longicarpus

PIs: Ivan Valiela, MBL Ecosystems Center
Oliver Newman, WHOI Guest Student
Funding: WHOI, Mariot Foundation


Invasive Marine Tunicates in Eelgrass

PIs: Mary Carman, WHOI
Phil Colarusso, EPA-Boston


Illuminating Chordate Evolution: the Acorn Worm

PIs: Chris Lowe, University of Chicago, MBL
Ariel Pani, University of Chicago, MBL


The Effects of Nitrogen-loading on Arthropod Diversity and Food-Web Dynamics in Salt Marshes

PIs: Gina Wimp, Georgetown University
Dan Lewis, Georgetown University
Shannon Murphy, Denver University
Funding: NSF