Quantifying the biogenic silica content of primary producers in Waquoit Bay

Lead Investigator: Robinson W. “Wally” Fulweiler, Sarah Foster, PhD student, Mollie Yacano, undergraduate researcher

Affiliation: Boston University, Earth and Environment Department

Funding Source(s):  Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), Boston University

Sub-estuarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD), Dissolved Nutrients and the Production of Benthic Microalgae

PIs: Rachel Stanley, WHOI
Evan Howard, WHOI
Funding: WHOI


Multi-Cropping Shellfish and Macroalgae for Business and Bioextraction

Scott plus algae compressedPI: Scott Lindell, Scientific Aquaculture Program, MBL. Funding: WHOI-Seagrant
Description: Nutrient enrichment from septic systems is one of the most pressing coastal problems on Cape Cod. Towns are facing staggering costs for sewering and other solutions. This project aims to investigate whether a native seaweed, Gracilaria tikvahiae, can be co-farmed together with oysters to both soak up nutrients and produce a marketable crop.