Facility Renovation

Maintenance Bldg Solar PaneslOver the past year many exciting improvements have been made to the campus. A new facilities and maintenance building on the periphery of campus will provide additional space to work on boats and trucks indoors, as well as relocate trailers, lumber, dumpsters, and other “stuff” out of the public view to make better use of the center of campus.

The Carriage House will be renovated to include improved lab and classroom space. The area in front of the Carriage House, which used to be a big open parking lot, was “greened up,” and now includes a rain garden  filled and surrounded by native shrubs and wildflowers and a seating circle for students made from granite slabs removed from the stone wall when the entry was widened.

The main entrance has been widened, and now has new signage and better lighting for visitors.  In our efforts to become a more Maintenance Bldg-Newpedestrian friendly campus, we have added additional walkways and a new informational kiosk that will guide visitors along our new outdoor interpretive signage drawing attention to the “green” aspects of our campus, and exhibits to teach about the importance of  coastal areas. A new trail has also been cut through to the historic Bay View cemetery.

Many energy-saving and -producing features are included as well; 19 kW of solar PV, LED outdoor lighting throughout campus, and new energy-efficient windows in the Visitor Center will significantly reduce our greenhouse gas footprint.

A Look Ahead…An amphitheater tucked in the woods, with benches milled from some of the trees felled for the maintenance building, will be the orientation stop for school classes that visit the Reserve.