Education Programs

Waquoit Bay Reserve’s Education Programs: Increasing Scientific Literacy  and Promoting  Coastal Stewardship

IMG_2387We engage students and teachers in classroom and field studies that relate to the Reserve’s ongoing research and introduce them to the ecology of marshes, ponds, uplands, and coastal bays as they make observations, record data, and interpret graphs, maps and images. Each class’s investigation is framed in the larger context of issues such as the health of coastal waters, climate change, habitat quality, and biodiversity, and the results provide a valuable basis for discussions of local impacts and appropriate actions to restore and protect coastal environments.

The goal of the Community Education Program is to foster behavior change that leads to resource conservation and advances the mission of the Reserve. Community members can take advantage of courses, workshops, and other more informal events to broaden their scientific and practical knowledge on topics including estuarine ecology, fertilizer reduction, ecological landscaping, and organic gardening, energy efficiency, and coastal processes.  Field walks and special events raise awareness of the importance of estuaries and  inspire sustainable behaviors.