Education and Training

Waquoit Bay Reserve offers education and training programs for a range of audiences including students, teachereducations, families, and community members, as well as municipal leaders and other coastal decision-makers. We use the protected natural habitats within the Reserve and research done here and elsewhere to teach people about the coastal environment and how they can be good stewards of it.

Resource management issues are incorporated into the classes and presentations. Topics of interest include estuarine ecology, coastal geology, and coastal impacts of climate change as well as information on good stewardship, like energy efficiency and renewable energy, ecological landscaping, and wastewater solutions.

The Coastal Training Program (CTP) assists coastal communities in protecting clean water, maintaining healthy ecosystems, and balancing conservation and development. By “translating” the latest science in seminars, workshops, and technical assistance, the CTP helps support resilient coastal communities.

coastal training programAs development pressure and human impacts in the coastal zone have increased in Massachusetts, coastal management issues have also grown in complexity. Coastal Training Programs give professionals and volunteers working on these issues the information and skills they need to make effective and sustainable choices.  Workshops also facilitate networking and collaboration among these groups.